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After years of writing articles, under my own name and several pen names, and spending countless hours reading thousands of promotional articles, I’ve come up with a foolproof, step-by-step formula for writing high quality articles that get results.

The Amazing
Article Formula

The “Secret” Formula That
Sucks In Traffic Like a Magnet and Gets the Click!

If you’re tired of all the guesswork and really hate stumbling around in the dark when it comes to writing your articles … then You have to get this amazing formula. You see, an effective article writing campaign can be boiled down to a simple recipe. Put in all the ingredients and you can cook up large amounts of traffic, subscribers, and sales any time you want!

You did a fantastic job of explaining the most important aspects of writing articles. I don’t consider myself much of a writer but I believe with your book and formula in hand I can certainly make an honest attempt at it now. Great job!

— Jeff Wilson, FreeArticles.com

No guessing or wondering if it will work…
It works every time you follow the formula step-by-step.

One look at the formula and you’ll instantly know:

How to entice webmasters, newsletter editors, and bloggers to use your article. If you follow the formula, they’ll be lining up to get ahold of your article and use it for content… Whoohoo! Can you hear the traffic?

How to create articles that search engines and article directories love. This article writing “secret” will put you head and shoulders above your competition!

How to write for the people who are most likely to want what you have to offer. After all, it doesn’t make any sense to write an article for people who aren’t interested in your website, newsletter, or product… so why waste your time?

How to “bait” the search engines so that your articles are indexed quickly. Great search engine ranking can cause an avalanche of traffic for your business!

How to grab the attention of the people you most want to read your article. A few carefully chosen words is all it takes to summon all the readers you want!

How to deliver a title that’s like a bright blinking beacon to your targeted audience. Get this right and readers will flock to your article!

How to actually write an article from start to finish. Using this template-style system, you’ll be able to quickly and easily write compelling articles to promote your business.

How to create and use your own system to distribute your article. If you want far-reaching success, you’ve got to get your article “out there!”

How to create easy to find articles for your targeted audience. You can write the best article in the world, but if the right people don’t find it you’ll score a big fat goose-egg.

How to find article topics that will quickly engage readers and persuade them to click through. If you write about what people want to know, then you’re sure to get the click!

How to easily track your article marketing results at NO cost to you.

How to use this step by step system to create as many articles as you want, any time you want, on any subject you want!

How to create a resource box that gets results. Give up those bland, boring boxes for a resource box that pops and get the results you want!

You’ll also get REAL examples of titles, resource boxes, and more so you can see first hand what really works!

This foolproof, step-by-step article writing formula will show you everything you need to know to write high quality articles that get results… It doesn’t matter if you’re writing articles to drive hordes of traffic to your website, boost your subscriber base, or increase sales — The Amazing Article Formula works!

Promoting with articles creates large streams of steady and continuous traffic that comes to your website as a result of you taking just a few simple actions once… and you continue receiving that traffic for many weeks, months and even years after you performed the action.

— Jim Edwards, Turn Words Into Traffic

I’m going to throw in a few bonuses to make sure you have everything you could possibly need to propel your article writing campaign into overdrive!

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